Saturday, September 30, 2006

Problems with the private blog (update)

So this what happened.

I set up the private blog and spent a couple of hours yesterday moving over 50 posts about Ann. I couldn't move the comments, but I moved the story.

However, posting 50 messages over the course of a couple of hours got my blog flagged as a potential spam blog.

So I got hit with word verification for each post (you know, like we turn on for comments). Now that would just be inconvenient, but the word verification isn't working. When I try it I get sent to a log in screen which also doesn't work.

There is a question mark at the word verification window. When I click it I get taken to a screen that says the document I requested is unavailble and then get shuttled off to a screen that explains what the word verification for posts is and tells me that if I am having trouble with it I should click the question mark next to the word verification window.

So I don't know if the problem will just go away after a while or what. I have looked it up in the Google Help forums and been advised to just write to them and ask them to fix it. I have.

If it doesn't work, I am actually thinking about renaming that blog "Ann's Story" and just starting up ANOTHER private blog.

Jeeze Louise this is a mess.


It's fixed

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