Monday, September 25, 2006

Quick update

The exciting news from our family is:

We had to cancel our debit cards because someone stole Hubby's number and was buying car parts in Sydney, Australia. Not high-priced electronics. Not huge cash withdrawals. Car parts. Whoever it is even returned a few purchases. Whoever heard of a thief returning merchandise? Maybe s/he expected to get cash back instead of just putting the credit back on our account. Whatever. It's a major pain in the bee-hind, but the bank tells us that we should get the $300 back. I am glad that our thief did the returns. It would have been $400.

Andrew is dropping band and moving out of one of his three AP classes into the regular section. We had a long talk about living versus accomplishing. I assured him that he could get into college with a less insane schedule. He will no longer have zero period, so will not be traveling with me to pick up Miss E.

Evan told me that he his thinking about turning down a job. Someone offered to pay him a tidy sum to install some computer equipment, but he suspects that they are engaged in not-quite-legal activities. He wants to know if I think he could be charged as an accomplice (accessory?) if all he did was install the equipment. Sigh.

Brian is still having a blast with the kitten, who is having a blast teasing the dog.

Otherwise, life here is pretty stable, which is almost boring, but in a good way.

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