Sunday, September 17, 2006

Brian's new pet

The parakeets did not last. Brian was under the impression that they had been hand raised and were tame. Not so much. So he returned them. They were here for maybe 24 hours. I don't like the idea of him regarding pets as returnable, but I also don't want to be trying to force him to care for a pet that he does not like.

Anyway, we broke down and let him adopt a kitten from a local rescue organization. It is a cute litte grey tabby. He will keep it in his room a while, but we did make the rounds and introduced it to the various animals. The big black neutered male cat (large enough to drink out of the toilet like a dog, back feet on the ground) growled and hissed. When the kitten ignored him, Big Black walked off.

Flabby Tabby (she was enormous when we adopted her from the same rescue group, has lost a lot of weight and now is in deparate need of a tummy tuck) did a lot of sniffing and, I think, was quite prepared to make friends.

Doggie left the kitten fairly damp from the sniffing and licking. Hubby was worried about Doggie because she chases strange cats, although she and Flabby Tabby are pals. This is, I believe, because Flabby Tabby gives Doggie permission to get on our bed with her whenever the humans are all out of the house. We were careful to adopt a kitten that had been fostered with dogs.

So now we are one more...

By the way, the animals all said I could talk about them on the blog, as long as I did not use their real names. I compromised with Flabby Tabby as that is her real nickname.


  1. Years ago, when we introduced a new kitten to our older cats, I put tuna fish juice on the new one. Boy oh boy did the other kitties like him after that!
    Addicts think in funny ways. Don't even know what to say about the codiene conversation.

  2. You know, I think I will try the tuna juice idea.

    Another thing (more long term) that I have heard is to put the cats' food dishes on opposite sides of a screen. We could do that as Hubby had previously cut a cat whole from Brian's room to the laundry room.


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