Thursday, September 14, 2006

Goodbye Pumpkin

The author of "Life Unscripted" who signed her posts "Pumpkin" has disappeared. Cindy tells us that she is no longer blogging and asked for us to send our prayers.

For whatever reason she has gone, she will be missed. Her blog from the social worker side helped all of us to remember that when we don't hear from our social workers for a few hours, it may be because they are on the road chasing down someone else's runaway, or doing an emergency visit to a child who may be in danger, or just sitting somewhere, as frustrated as we are, waiting for someone else to show up for a visit while trying to keep a child from being too anxious.

She sometimes left us comments, which I always found helpful.

It is not just that she has stopped writing. Her blog is gone.

So...wherever you are, for whatever reason you stopped writing, we miss you.

I for one hope that you are still reading. Maybe we will even hear from you now and then.

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