Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Why Brian is smarter than I am

Several weeks ago Brian started campaigning for another pet. This time it was a parakeet. He saw a hand raised one in the store and really wanted it.

Hubby and I sighed and talked about it. Brian had decided to drop band, which we were afraid that he was going to regret. Hubby and I agreed on a deal: if Brian took band and saved up (no loans!) all of the money for two birds (because one would be lonely), the cage, toys, everything, then he could do it. We were very, very clear: you have to have enough money to buy everything at once and we will not loan you any.

Brian went on the Internet, figured out how much everything cost and agreed.

Hubby and I smiled at how clever we were. Brian has never saved money. As soon as he gets it he spends it. This would be a good experience for him. If he actually managed to save up for half a year, then we would be happy for him to have the parakeets. Well, not thrilled, but okay with it.

Two evenings ago he asked if he could look at pets on the Internet. Sure my darling. This will give him incentive, I thought.

An hour later, "Mom! Dad! I found classifieds for animals and there is a woman 10 miles away who is moving and she will sell me her two parakeets, with two cages, and toys and everything for [one month's allowance]!!"

So now we have parakeets.


  1. Good thing Brian didn't find Freecycle, or you would have had fully equipped guinea pigs, parakeets, an ferrets, too.

  2. Oh my Maerlowe...I may never let him on the Internet again.

  3. Hey, the kid's industrious. Good for him! Good luck with the parakeets. (Cute, but kind of noisy and smelly, right?)


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