Thursday, September 21, 2006

Conversations with counselor and social worker

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  1. Thank you for updating us out here. It sounds like this is a great next step, very reasonable, and I am so glad that the counselor and social worker are both backing you up. Good for you...and thanks for sharing the process so openly here. Sex is a tough topic, and from my vantage point you seem to be handling it with remarkable grace. Good luck with the next steps....

  2. It's what I would have done with my own kids and it sounds reasonable to me.

  3. It is a difficult process for all of us when our children pass into adulthood. How much responsibility do we make them measure up to? When to pressure, when not to? We still have to parent them, but when? I am always seeking wisdom on this new road to parenting these (somewhat) grown up kids. You are not alone in your bewilderment and questions.


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