Friday, September 29, 2006

It is okay (update, thrice)

I deleted the previous post.

There was a lock-down at the local high school.

The school resource officer (police officer) has informed the local police department that it is over and there is no danger to the students although we are also asked not to all go to the school and take our kids out.

The police station cannot confirm why there was a lock-down, only that is over and the kids are safe.

The news story is this: a young man, not a student, came to the high school with a loaded gun. There was an altercation between him and four other students in which the gun was dropped without being fired and handed to a teacher. The boy who brought the gun to school ran and the police are looking for him. The gun-toter was looking for a particular person. He was not intent on shooting people in general.

Update the second:
--the kid originally carrying the gun is in police custody.

Udate the third:
Andrew was very calm about it all. Yeah, so a kid brought a gun to school. A teacher got it right away. The kid didn't even get a chance to point it at anyone. He said that parents came to pick up their kids, but most of the kids told their parents to leave them. One boy got dragged home but after his mom went to work he just walked back to school.

I have some contrary feelings here. On one hand I am glad my kid wasn't upset. On the other hand, what does it mean that someone can bring a gun to school and my son thinks it is no big deal?

How does one respond when one's (almost) seventeen year old kid says, "Mom, it was just a gang thing. He wasn't trying to shoot up the school; he was just going after another gang member."


  1. How scary. I hope everything is okay. You are in our thoughts and prayers right now.

  2. I read the updated news story before I came over here. Glad everything is okay.

    Even if he wasn't targeting students generally, there's always the danger of stray bullets or crossfire. Of course they'd lock it down.

    We had a bomb threat a couple of days ago. Hoax again - we've had far too many - but they don't take chances.

  3. I grew up in a different age obviously. It was when the worst I had to contend with in High School was the occasional school fight. No weapons, no gangs just two people fighting it out.

    Now that I am raising a son here in the city? It makes me wonder, how do I prepare him for a reality I can't fathom myself.

    I'm glad everyone is safe.

  4. It is so scary. I just heard where one principal at a school was shot to death today. Then there was that shooting in horrible. Glad yours turned out okay.

  5. When my son went to school at Galileo HS in San Francisco, one student buried an ax in another student's head.


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