Sunday, July 02, 2006

David's Story Part 53: First Conversation with Robert

3/18/05 (Friday)

Last night Robert was at the house and then went with us to the GSCA (Gay, Straight, College Alliance) meeting. Robert, David, and I had an interesting conversation. It was with silly tone, but it was serious too.

I asked Robert if he really could afford David. He said that he could. I teased and pointed out that David was pretty expensive. He acknowledged that David was. I told David that he could certainly consider getting a job and paying for his own expenses. He grinned and said that was not fun.

So I told Robert that he could have David for the summer, but I wanted him back in the middle of August. Robert agreed and David pouted. "What would we do then?" Robert, "Just what we are doing now." David still pouted. So I told Robert that I would be willing to let him keep David, but that, frankly, I did not have a lot of confidence that David would get to school if David did not come home for the fall. Robert laughed and admitted that he had not done a good job at that.

"So you sound pretty prepared for David to move in?" "Well yeah. That was the whole point of getting the new apartment. We moved so that he could live with us." "Oh. So, when is he telling you he's moving?" "It keeps changing. I think it is June now." "I can deal with that – just give him back in August." "Okay."

Again, David is pouting. Of course we are talking about him like he is a pet, but I am getting good information. Robert is expecting that David is going to move in for the summer and he has realistic expectations about how much David can be counted on to contribute to the budget. (I still have no idea what Robert gets out of this relationship).

The really interesting part is the end. I suggested to David that he reconsider getting a GED. I asked him if he thought he could do it in the couple of months that he has left. He said that he could. I told him that I thought it was a really good idea. He could be FINISHED in June and move out without anxiety. Robert of course thought it was a good idea. David was more enthusiastic than I have seen him for a long time -- although his typical reaction to just about everything we suggest is passivity, that is not saying much.

I think that if we are willing to provide the energy for changing paths, David would follow. This is something for which I am willing to put in the energy. So we could schedule a new IEP meeting and suggest that as a change in his program. If David gives the same positive response there we could switch him. There is a GED study program at the high school.

I don't know much about it, but right now it seems like the obvious solution to all the pressing problems. What do you think? If you think it is a good idea too I will push for it.

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