Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Leaving Evan: groceries & other worries

Well, we leave on Tuesday and I getting ready to leave Evan here by himself.


So I said I would stock the kitchen for him. My original idea was that he would come up with a dozen or so meals that he could cook for himself and I would buy the ingredients. I was going to be willing to buy some easy to prepare stuff if he asked for it. Things I don't normally buy: hamburger helper, boxes of mac & cheese. His idea is that I come up with a list of meals he can cook and make the list and shop.

So what is going to happen is that I will make sure that there is a good supply of the sort of thing I normally buy and will be able to use when I get back. I told him that I would reimburse him for ingredients (not pre-prepared food) if he gave me the receipts. He asked me if I would remind him. I said I would not. "But what if I forget???" "I won't have to pay." Sometimes not being codependent is fun.

I am still worried though.

And I came up with something brand new to obsess about: his mother is scheduled to get out of prison while I'm gone. I don't like that.

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  1. I'm sure he won't starve while you're gone.

    His mom though; that adds a whole new dimension.


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