Thursday, July 06, 2006

Evan's Story Part 11: Drama with Birth Mom


Evan's social worker, Brenda, just called.

First -- let me make just get the characters straight:

E’s Mom.

The Bully: Mom’s boyfriend (whom she may or may not have married after Evan moved

Teenage Sister: Evan's younger sister (about 14 years old). Though E’s mom and Teenage Sister's dad divorced a long time ago, Teenage Sister's paternal grandmother, aunt and cousin all still claim Teenage Sister AND Evan as part of the family. (When Evan says, "My grandmother" he usually means the one he shares with Teenage Sister).

Baby Sister: Evan's baby sister (3 or 4 years old). I don't know who Baby Sister's father is, but it is not The Bully. may remember that The Bully beat Evan up. The leader for the youth group for gay kids called the cops. Evan was taken directly into protective custody. He was never able to recover most of his belongings. He was interested in getting back the computer that he had built from parts he had bought over a couple of years. When the authorities investigated the home they found The Bully's drugs. E’s mom was put back in jail for a parole violation (The Bully's meth in her house). There is a warrant out for The Bully's arrest, but he is still at large. (The Bully's legal situation may have changed, we don't know for certain). (As soon as E’s mom saw what was going to happen she gave custody of Teenage Sister to her father and Baby Sister to her godparents).

Now...The Bully called Evan's social worker and told her that Evan can't have his computer back because they found gay porn on it and they gave it away anyway. And oh yes...they think that Evan molested Baby Sister and so they don't want him to visit her anymore.

Of course he was slurring over his words when he called.

But Brenda is a social worker and she has to report these charges even if she believes that they are unfounded.

Last week Evan asked Brenda to call his mom at jail. All Evan wants from her at this point is information about his paternal brothers and the location of his father's grave. That's all. He has given up on the computer. Brenda can't call E’s mom directly. All she can do is leave a message saying she would like to talk to her.

All I can guess is that E’s mom told The Bully that she got the message and The Bully thinks it is all about the computer. For some reason he wants to scare Evan off from trying to get it back.

This is the first time that I have had no sympathy for the family my kids have come from. What is wrong with these crazy people?

So Evan has to call his social worker today. She will tell him that he should not contact his sisters (which he rarely does) until they get this straightened out. He should also not go visit his mother in jail tomorrow as he planned. Brenda will try to get everything taken care of. She really will.

Fortunately Baby Sister is with her godparents and they really like Evan. They have temporary guardianship and so they may be able to put a halt to the whole thing. I hope so.

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