Saturday, February 11, 2006


The foster care agency has decided that they want a second opinion before they send Evan off to a $8,000+ residential treatment center.

I think it is wise.

At this point I think two things are equally possible:

1.Evan has a drug addiction that is worse than he has revealed and desperately needs help.

2. Though Evan has taken codeine periodically to deal with anxiety he has only recently started taking it daily. As an addicition it is not severe and at least part of what is going on here is a dramatic demonstration of his inability to do everything we are demanding of him. See how weak he is? He needs to be taken care of, not made to deal with school, and get a job, and be a grown up.

I am not certain which I hope it is.

Maybe there is a third option.


  1. I'm still here and still listening.

  2. Thanks does help knowing you're there.


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