Monday, February 20, 2006

Evan's plan finalized

I talked to Evan's social worker. She will pick him up tomorrow (Tuesday) and escort him to the rehab center.

He said, "okay."

Last night I took him to the store to buy a few necessities. He was so agitated he nearly cried over having to choose a brand of shampoo. Today though he is better. I told him that I was proud of how well he was doing. He said that he was not done detoxing. I assume that that means that he has been using. It is okay...tomorrow, really, he goes to rehab.

I bought him stationery, envelopes, stamps, and gave him pre-printed address labels (to me). I told him that I would prefer to get a note that says, "I feel crappy" rather than nothing at all, but I do understand the likelihood of an 18year old boy writing a letter in the best of circumstances.

I think he will be okay. He offered Brian $5 to get his hair cut. Brian is apparently determined. The child loves money and he turned in down.

BTW: the tamales did not come out all that well. This girl has come before and will come again. She will get the recipe from her grandma and we will try again, probably in the summer. We probably did not use enough lard. (Yes, I said lard. If you want someone to help you make tamales just like her Mexican American Grandma makes them, you will use lard.)

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  1. Of course lard. There's a small town a few miles down the road from us named Manteca. I said "that's lard". Yes, it is. Once upon a time there was a processing plant there whose primary function was to create manteca. The name stuck.


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