Friday, February 10, 2006

Theories about Evan's situation

In two hours I will be taking Evan to his appointment with his psychiatrist. We may have the results of his urinalysis. I have some questions that are running around in my head, which may or may not be answered. I decided, like a character in a detective novel, that I would write down my theories before I have all the evidence. I will have to be honest about whether I actually "knew it all along."

What I know:
-Evan has been a "low-level" liar. He has said that he has things finished which are not finished, but he has never told a "whopper."
-I have had a kid in the past who for the first year I regarded as being absolutely dedicated to the truth who turned out to be the most deceptive and manipulative of them all.
-Evan has not been honest. He deserves credit for telling us about his problem, but clearly he has been hiding major stuff from us.
-I have been doing some research into codeine addiction and his story is not entirely credible. If he has been taking codeine products daily for two years, three pills a day should not be giving him the effect that he claims it does.

So...Here are the possibilities:
1. Evan's story though very unusual is true.
2. Evan is significantly under-reporting his drug use.

or...And this is actually the interesting one.
3. Evan's use in the past was sporadic and only recently has become daily. He has a problem, but addiction to codeine is not really it. (Of course if something is not done it could be the problem).

Why is this the interesting option? It started to grow when I talked to the social worker "Brenda" the other day. She said, "His not getting a job just pales in comparison, doesn't it?"

Yeah...It does.

Evan is terrified of independence. He says he will get a job, apply to post-high school programs, and complete all his classes. This is the foster child that I have cared for as he approaches emancipation and one thing I have learned is that it is TERRIFYING. Young people will tend to do anything to avoid it.

Would they start taking codeine to deal with the stress? Would they tell us that it was a great big huge problem that they could not kick? Would doing so allow them and everyone else to stop thinking about the stress?

You bet it would.

Like a psychological defense mechanisms it would not be entirely conscious. to the doctor and we will see...

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