Sunday, February 12, 2006

Searching room...think again

So once again someone has recommended that I search Evan's room. I should do it with him there. So I stop and try to imagine doing it...

Evan is an 18-year-old openly gay young man. I am a cool, affirming PFLAG mom. Evan knows that I am cool and feels safe and comfortable being himself. We have a open relationship and talk about all sorts of things. We can do this...

I open drawers, go through shelves...

Condoms and lube...check.
Pamphlet on "Safer Blow Jobs" from youth group...good to know he is informed.
Notes from perspective boyfriend describing perfect need to read that.
More condoms...check.
Gay porn magazine...okay...just let me go through the pages to make certain no pills are hidden between the pages.

Okay...there's cool and affirming and then there's just plain creepy.

I'm calling the social worker. Maybe his room should be searched. Maybe she should do it. Maybe there's a nice gay man that works at the agency that would like to come over and help Evan make certain his room is "clean." I'll feed him a great pizza dinner.

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  1. Yes and you know I might have the same feeling about a teen age straight girl.

    Maybe not. I never searched Tim's room except to shovel it out occasionally but I have run across things accidentally that I didn't need to know.


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