Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hubby to the rescue

I am a strong, independent woman. I take care of myself and do not need a man to rescue me.

Sometimes though it is wonderful to have a partner who will step in a fix something you cannot fix.

Years ago, I may post the whole story sometime, I was being attacked by a tom cat we had tried to adopt. 15lbs of pure muscle. It had landed on me twice -- tearing my nightgown, bruising, scratching, and biting both arms (yes, I had to have a rabies shot, and tetanus, and antibiotics). The third time it sprung Hubby threw himself between me and the cat. Whenever I tell the story I always says call him "the love of my life, my protector, my knight in shining armor."

Well, yesterday he came through again.

When he came home yesterday he asked me how I was doing. I kept telling him that I was quietly freaking out. I had so many question and we did not have any answers and I did not know what to do. He kept trying to solve the problem, telling me how he thought we should handle it. I explained that I thought I could come up with a strategy once we had had all the appointments. I was just so frustrated because we could not get into the psychiatrist office for three weeks.

A problem he can solve.

Hubby called the psychiatrist office. He used that special education school teacher authority voice, the oh-so-reasonable-and-I-know-you-will-be-reasonable-too attitude and convinced them to double-book Evan for Friday morning.

My knight in shining armor. My protector. The love of my life. I thank him again for picking up a problem when I am a wreck and fixing it just enough that I can cope again.

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