Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Letter from Brian to Evan

Note: UC2 is a video game.

Hi Evan.
Guess what! I unlocked all the charecters on UC2. Raiden is so awsome, His enforcers are made of lightning. And I know how to taunt the enemy now. You just press the white button and selected with the Dpad. Oh yeah, when you're in the pause menu, press L+R+White and the cheat menu comes up. There's this realy sick cheat, you can get a piont with out making a kill. I love the infenent adrenaline cheat. With Raiden , that cheat is awsome. Raiden has an adrenaline move teleport, the bad part about that move is you can't choose where you teleport to. But anways I've got to go, Bye!


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