Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Off to lobby (and back)

I got another PFLAG'er to go to the House Hearing on the evil amendment tomorrow. Hubby and I will be lobbying today. So I need to prepare...Find a nice conservative outfit, put on my cross. Maybe I will go nuts and shave my legs.

There is some small chance that we will defeat it in the House this year. It is an election year and the issue has not been playing well in the state. When polled people say that they are opposed to giving all our citizens equality under the law (okay...The question asked is ususally, "Should we allow same-sex marriage?"), BUT they also say that they don't think we need a constitutional amendment to save us from the terrifying possibility of equality.

I really, really hope it does not go to the senate. Evan got me to promise that if it does I will do Lobby Day and the Hearing (as long as they are not on consecutive days). Of course he promised to cook dinner both days.

Wish me luck.


Typically, when you do something that you think you should do, but don't want to do, you get a nice warm virtuous feeling afterwards. Unless of course the thing you are doing is lobbying legislators.

Everyone was polite -- mostly. I got to thank the one guy from my district who is opposed to it. He said that it will definitely pass the house and go down in the senate.

I wish I could use that as an excuse not to lobby or go to the hearing. I can't though. My presence all by itself makes very little difference, but if everyone uses that as an excuse...well, you know. Anyway, I went.

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  1. Of course I do. As you know, we managed to get gay marriage (civil of course) through and the Terminator vetoed it.

    Our domestic partners protection is decent but it's threatened every year by the wingnuts. We keep beating them back.

    When you go to your meeting, send best wishes from the Merced CA chapter. We're on the registry at National (brand new almost)


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