Sunday, February 19, 2006

Girls & Tamales

We are doing respite care this weekend for Miss E and Georgia. Miss E can be difficult, but while she is here she is friendly and chats, although she never makes eye contact. Georgia's story I don't know...except that she graduated from three rehabs (alcohol, meth, then both together) before her 17th birthday. For the entire time I have known her she has clean & sober, thoughtful and helpful. Her presence has actually been helpful to Evan this weekend. She also has a real-life Mexican American grandmother with whom she has made tamales. Today she is going to help me make them.

We put the corn husks in water to soak last night. I have my first tip for the uninitiated -- those bags of dried husks hold ALOT more than they look. Each little dried up piece will expand to 4 or 5 good size pieces of husks. Currently we have enough husks for a couple hundred tamales. We are planning on making about 2 dozen. Maybe I should go by more pork, make some and freeze them.

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