Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Recommendation for treatment was an emotional day.

We met with the rehab counselor and really like her. She also recommended that Evan go to a residential treatment center. She recommends a different one though a gay-friendly one in a gay-friendly city. Evan is beginning to think of rehab treatment as a fun, month-long vacation.

Evan said he was out of codeine, about which I expressed my doubts. She however sent us to a medical doctor so that he could get a prescription. I don't know what she intended, but the medical doctor says that he does not prescribe codeine to codeine addicts. He did prescribe some sort of tranquilizer that will help him. (I am to keep it locked up and dispense it according to the directions as it is also addictive).

Evan was livid -- silent, pouting, nearly purple. The doctor asked him if he was serious about wanting to quit. Evan said he was, that was why he was going to the center. They had a confusing conversation in which they both pointed out that Evan was able to get codeine on his own. For Evan this meant that the doctor should give him a prescription. The doctor said that he could give Evan meds to help him get off codeine but that was it.

Evan sulked in the car and then tried to get me to agree that the doctor was an ass. I would not and he put stomped off to his room. He is now on the phone laughing and talking.

I am not convinced that Evan was ever out of his drug. My understanding is that addicts don't tend to let their supply run out before they get more. In any case, I am not asking.

Tomorrow we should find out for certain which center he will go to and when he leaves.

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  1. I'm not in your shoes so I can't offer advice and you probably don't need it.

    At least, in a residential program, he won't have access to drugs (I hope) while it would be very difficult to keep control in an outpatient program.

    Being around other gay kids might help too.


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