Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm not superstitious but...

Sometimes you have to wonder. Here is a summary of my recent life.

At the end of January I wrote:

  • I am worried about life with Evan though. Either this is the longest "observation and assessment" (aka ""honeymoon"") period ever, or he is just not playing the game. I am actually beginning to think that he isn't interested in making me crazy -- but thinking that makes me nervous. ("Danger, Will Robinson. Danger.")

Since then:

  • Evan has attended the funeral of his cousin
  • Told me he was committing fraud as an on-line psychic at an "Ask an Expert" site
  • Dealt with a major manipulative episode with his birth mother
  • Confessed that he is addicted to codeine

I pointed this out to the social worker. She emailed back:

  • "Maybe you have “psychic powers”. This may qualify you as an “expert”….looking for part time work?"

Thank goodness for humor, and social workers who appreciate it.

Next: Hubby to the rescue

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  1. True or maybe you know that when things seem too good to be true, you start looking for the catch.

    Seriously, I hope something works out for him. Sometimes it takes alert caretakers or parents to spot a relatively small problem before it becomes huge.


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