Thursday, February 16, 2006

He isn't

If Evan is going through detox today I am a flying piglet.

Right now he is cooking our dinner. He is trying a new recipe, mixing up cilantro, lime, garlic and olive oil to rub on salmon. He asked me to pick up some couscous to go with it. He is talking and laughing with everyone.

His eyes are not the least bit dilated. He has shown no sign of diarrhea, nausea, anxiety, exhaustion, restlessness. He is feeling no pain. And why shouldn't he be -- he now is taking codeine AND tranq's.

I spoke with a couple of my advisors and everyone agrees. We are getting him to a rehab center sometime next week. I will continue to dispense the tranquilizers the doctor gave him. He will take codeine and pretend he isn't. It should only be for 5 days.

Then we will put him on the plane to the rehab center in the city with all the pretty, bright lights and hope he comes back.

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