Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The latest in the saga

Today Evan refused to go to school. I told him I would not excuse the absence and he said, "great" and went back to bed. He is 265 pounds of teenage flesh. I did not fight with him. I did call the school to tell them that this was a cut. His choice. His detention.

On the up side, I now have all his prescription drugs and am giving them to him on schedule. He appears to be taking them. (I mean I don't THINK he is hiding them under his tongue, but I don't inspect his mouth).

Yesterday at the social worker's direction I searched his room for pills. It was upsetting, although I did find 3 towels that belong in the kitchen, several CD's that belong to me, and the CD player we gave him for Christmas that he said he had lost, and also of course the ugly glasses.

He has an appointment on Wednesday with the drug rehab specialist. If she says he must go to Walker then he goes (this is what he says he wants). If she says to do out treatment then I will get all tough-lovey and tell him that following her recommendation is a condition of living here.

I can deal with him trying and failing. I cannot deal with him being unwilling to try.

As of today he has 9 or 10 absences in every period. This means that he will have to petition for credit and that petition will be passed (even if the absences are excused) only if he has a "C" in the class. He has never managed to get C's in everything. The semester is not even at midterm yet.

So...it is too soon to be talking about it, but alternative high school or GED program is right around the corner. The other option would be do take everything on-line at his own expense ($105/course). This is probably NOT a good idea.

But that decision need not be made yet. First we must deal with the codeine addiction.

Oh...we did get the urinalysis results back. He's addicted. Really.

Every kid has done something like this. I should not be surprised. No matter how smooth thing are we get to the last semester of high school and they burst into flames. I keep hearing that toy store jingle, "I don't wanna grow up..."

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  1. Did you lose a post? Maybe I'm losing track.

    I could have sworn I read something earlier today.

    I'll keep reading and wishing you the best.


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