Monday, February 20, 2006

Taking his blankie

I make all the kids a quilt and an afgan. The quilt I have made before they get here. I tell them when they move in that it belongs to them. If they move out tomorrow they take it with them. After a while I suggest that they might want to pick out an afgan pattern and some yard and I will knit them an afgan. Evan's is grey with a basket weave pattern. To some of the kids they may just be blankets, but they mean a lot more to me than that.

When my bio kids were tiny I told them that their quilts were magic, that if they were wrapped up in them bad dreams and other scarey things could not get them. It magic. They would say they thought there was a monster in the closet and I would tell them to wrap up in their magic quilts and they would be safe.

He came out with his suitcase and asked me to help him pack it so that he could take the afgan too. It was another "I am NOT going to cry" moment. There is nothing that he could want to take along that would mean more to me than that.

I hope I can get through saying goodbye tomorrow without blubbering.


  1. Blankies are magic. Rebecca wagged hers around until it was in shreds and then carried the shreds around. Very rough on blankies, that girl.

    What a lovely thing to do for the kids.

  2. This might be the sweetest post I've ever read. I don't even know you (I saw your comment at granny's) and I already know I just love ya! Keep your chin up, sweetie. You're one of the good ones, and we need more of your kind!

  3. Thanks "stefanierj" -- I needed a postive note right now!


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