Thursday, February 16, 2006

Is he, or isn't he?

The blow by blow:


Noon: -- time Evan reports taking last dose of codeine.

4:00 -- Evan visits with medical doctor (see previous post)

8:00 -- Evan gets first dosage of new tranquilizer intended to help with detox symptoms.

9:00pm -- have conversation with Evan about taking dangers of taking (high-dose) codeine and tranquilizers together. He agrees not to use both drugs, assures me that he really, really is out. I tell myself that all the professionals seem to believe him, so maybe I should too.

11:00pm -- complains of stomach cramps, general feeling of awfulness.

1:30am -- Evan emails new confidant complaining of stomach cramps, inability to sleep. Get reply that this is normal and that IF he is detoxing his should stay home from school.

7:00am -- gave Evan all med's and looked at pupils. It was very dark in his room and the hall light was off (dim light) his pupils appear normal to me. (Dilated means full detox. Pin point means lots of codeine.)

7:20 -- read email Evan forwarded from new confidant (see above). I try to remember how many times Evan assured me that he ONLY takes the meds in the mornings and NOT at night.

9:30 -- realize Evan has not come out of room since at least 6:00 (when I woke up). Wondering how bad diarrhea (typical detox symptom) should be.

10:20 -- Evan out of bed to use bathroom. Says he feels bad but is coping. Does not need diarrhea meds at this time. Pupils appear to be in normal range. Says Oxazepam makes him loopy, but he likes it "It's a good substitute. That's terrible, isn't it?" I get him to stop and chat about approval process at the agency. He expresses impatience with them but maintains sense of humor as he talks about it. Does not appear agitated, nervous, irritable...etc.

11:15. -- Evan comes out of room to say he remembers tonight is his night to cook. If he makes list will I go to store to purchase "Salmon and stuff"? Tells me how cool recipe web site is as it will adjust recipe according to number of servings. He appears to be in a good mood, well-rested.

11:30 -- Evan & I have lunch. He eats two frozen burritoes w/salsa & blue cheese salad dressing since we have no sour cream. We are sitting in a sunny kitchen; his pupils are small. Evan laughingly tells me that Oxazepam seems to affect his motor skills. I tell him I will give him mid-day dosage only if he tells me he really needs it as it looks like he is doing pretty well. Evan agrees. We cheerfully discuss relative merits of diet sodas. I notice that there are two beers in fridge that I must get rid of before respite girls come for weekend. Evan offers to help me hide them as he is really, really good at that.

12:30 -- After a shower Evan asks if he may please have the two Oxazepam. It really makes him feel better and his prescription is for 6 a day. His pupils are small.

Updates to follow

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