Monday, February 13, 2006

The ugly glasses

It's such a little thing: a pair of ugly black plastic glasses.

They are sitting on the top of Evan's dresser.

He told me they were lost...That they disappeared last summer when he was still living at the teen shelter.

I helped him to get new ones. I advocated with the social worker. They said they would pay for half if he would pay half. Now he has shiny new, stylish glasses.

I would have done it anyway. I am very frugal with many things. I often tell my kids that they don't have to have the expensive shoes or jacket that they want. I always let them have any pair of glasses though. It will be part of their face for a year. They need to feel good in them. They have to like them.

I would not have told Evan that he had to wear the ugly Medicaid glasses. I would have made certain that he had glasses he liked. He did not need to lie.

It is such a little thing. But recently so much deception has been exposed. He has been hiding great big things from us. I know he is lying to me right now about what drugs he is and is not taking.

But it was the pair of ugly, black plastic glasses sitting on top of his dresser that made me cry.

He did not have to lie.

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  1. Someday soon I hope he will know that. I hope he gets the help he needs and soon. The longer they wait, the older he will be and the more difficult the habits of a lifetime will be to unlearn.

    I wish you well and I understand your tears. I've been there with my own.


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