Friday, January 26, 2007

Foster Teens and Attachment

Miss E is about to blow.

The first time she was here the decision to terminate her adoption was being made. Later she insisted on leaving Mandy and spent a week or more here while her social worker hoped she would change her mind. She didn't, and we took her to the teen shelter. She got into the permanency program and lasted in the first home for maybe one month. She has been with Annabelle for a while. She has of course complained the whole time, but there is an impatience, an edge to her voice that wasn't there before. And she has started saying things like, "I can't take this much longer." Yesterday she asked me if we had a new kid yet. It is not like her to be interested in my life. I don't fault her for that. She is in survival mode, and has reason to be. If she is asking me about kids in my house it is because she is assessing her options.

I keep trying to write a post, but I am not certain what I want to say. I have written about her before and I don't know that there is much more to say.

I had to talk to Hubby about whether we could take her. We can't. I know that she would hate being here very quickly. I told her social worker to remind her that we have a new puppy. The other girl where she is living may be getting into her stuff, but she does not chew up her papers or pee on the floor. And I don't think that that much negativity would be good for the boys. I did tell the social worker that if having respite here would help, we can do that.

I hope I am wrong. I hope she is just going through a rough patch and she sticks where she is.

I hope she doesn't walk away again, but I think she will.

Still Worrying about Miss E

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  1. It is so hard to see something like this happening. I hope she can hold out long enough to at least get the college assistance she wants (hope I am thinking of the right kid.)


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