Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Your Profile

If you have Blogger profile, I would like to encourage you to consider setting it to "show my email address".

Mine is set that way and what that means is that when I comment on someone's blog they can easily email me back. Of course it means that anyone who clicks on my name on any comment in any blog can see that email address. I am not getting spam from it that the automatic spam filters on earthlink/gmail don't catch. You can, by the way, make your profile email address anything you want. If you have a blog, the profile address does not have to be the gmail address that you need to have a blog (in beta). It doesn't have to be the address comments on your blog are sent to.

Please know that I try to email everyone who leaves a comment. If I don't already know your email address and you have elected not to have it visible in your profile I can't do that. It's your choice and it certainly does not upset me if you continue to elect for your email address not to be shown...but it would be cool to be able to easily email you!

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