Sunday, January 07, 2007

Another doggie update

Brian has decided that we should take DCS back home while he thinks about it. He says he really likes this dog but wants to be certain.

It is such the right thing to do, and I confess I am disappointed. I like this dog. The whole mellow, not barking, and being house-trained went a long way with me. DCS has also started "asking" to jump up onto furniture with people, whoever seems to be available. He is fine with being told no and being pointed to Brian instead. I think he could easily learn that if Brian was there no one else will cuddle with him. Brian understands, at least at an intellectual level, that no dog not even a puppy, will come into the house devoted to him in particular. In order for that to happen he will have to invest.

We have learned that the Cattle Dog can accept another dog in the house, and that is really important. Just a while ago DCS got into CD's dog bed. CD looked at him for a while and then picked up her chewy and lay on DCS's rug. Both dogs seemed fine with that arrangement.

The most important thing is that Brian feel attached to the dog. I don't want to end up with yet another family pet and a boy who complains that he wants another.

Being the obsessive worrier that I am, I wonder what will happen with a new kid. I wonder if telling them they can devote themselves and make any animal in the house "theirs" EXCEPT Brian's dog will make them decide that that is the only pet they like. Sigh. I need to stop scanning the horizon for new things to worry about.

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  1. i had those worries too. each of my older kids had a personal dog when our younger ones moved in.

    that was just the way it was. the personal dogs are very good about being affectionate with anyone...but only the owners are allowed to feed and walk and sleep with them.

    I'm glad that Brian is getting the idea about having to work hard at the bond.


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