Monday, January 15, 2007

More news from Evan

Evan is doing well. His roommate, after seeing him first help set fence posts and then learn that he is gay, has decided that Evan is "a straight guy with a thing for other guys." Evan says it works for him.

What doesn't work for him is the spoiled, homesick girl who showed up, whined for a few days and then asked Daddy for a plane ticket home. Evan tried to be encouraging and sympathetic, but it was no good. The girl isn't going to stay. Evan writes that he understands where his resentment is coming from, so he is not saying anything.

From what he says I think he is proud of his resiliance, and worried too. Wouldn't it be normal to be more homesick than he is? But is it good to be able to adjust like this? I told him I was proud of him for what he was doing and for his ability to understand why the girls behavior irritated him.

I really am proud of him. It sounds like he is working really hard and I think he is doing well.

And I am pleased that he still wants my opinion on his life. He asked for it often over the past year -- he tells me how he feels about something and wants to know, "That's normal right?" or "It's good to look at it that way, isn't it?"

It is why he shares too much. He wants to know what I find shocking or worrying. It isn't that he wants to shock me, it is that he really is not sure what will. It is not that he just wants to adopt whatever my reaction is, but he does need that as one piece of information before he can figure out what he thinks.

And I was afraid I might loose him after he moved out.

Carl warned him. I distinctly remember Carl telling him, "Once you get into this family, you don't get back out."

Oh...Evan has a date. I told him to tell me all about it...well not ALL about it. The PG version would be just fine.

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  1. New reader, just trying to catch up. Is Evan away at college?

    And your "novel" post... Wow. Just wow.

  2. Evan is in Scotland!
    Here is the post where he first told me about the idea:

  3. I'm glad he is doing well and growing there.

  4. Thanks for passing on good news from Evan.

  5. I'm glad to hear that he's doing so well.

  6. great news on evan!

  7. Oh what a neat experience to have! Good to know he's enjoying it over there.


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