Thursday, January 11, 2007

De-lurking week

Blame it on Gawdessness. She has this graphic and she says it is de-lurking week. Becoming accustomed to following in her footsteps...

So, if you are a lurker...time to introduce yourself.


  1. I have gone back and updated my post on this so that now everyone will know where I borrowed (ahem) the graphic from.

  2. Hi. Guilty Lurker here. Love the blog.

  3. annie7:54 PM

    No blogger account, yet I am guilty as charged. I'm Australian, female, uuuuuum actually pretty boring. Found this through another blog though I'll be damned if I can remember which. I've been checking in about once a week for a few months now. *De-lurk, de-lurk*

  4. ... yep. Guilty. I'm a lurker. I read gawdessness (and fosterabba) too. Can't remember how I found you. Stayed around because alot of it was familiar.
    Hmmm, Canadian, academic, have 2 adopted brothers. I was 14 at the time, they were 2 and 3. This was before anyone really knew about FAS - it turned our lives upside down.
    Have 3 kids of my own - 1 with Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety disorder, depression. So everyday is exciting in my home.
    Oh - grew up with dogs (love hounds), but now am a cat person.


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