Monday, January 08, 2007

Information about Yorkies (or perhaps Silky Terrriers) sought

When we were at the small shelter on Saturday, waiting for the woman in charge to get back into the office and give us information, a police officer came in with two stray dogs. One was a large breed, one of the ones some people find frightening, the other was a cute little thing. They had been running together -- both unneutered males with collars and no identification. We asked to hold it and we really liked it. Then they told us it was a Yorkie and I thought, "But I don't like Yorkies."

I realized I had never actually spent any time with them. I just have a mental picture of them as yappy and spoiled. The dog at the shelter was a bit larger than I thought Yorkies were, and just seemed friendly. It was sturdier than the little toy-like dogs I have periodically seen someone carrying around like a baby doll.

In any case, they let Brian put his name on it. That means that if the owner doesn't claim it in a week, Brian is first in line to adopt it, although they reserve the right to decide that someone else who puts their name on it is a better match. They also warned Brian that the chances of an owner not coming in to claim a Yorkie who was clearly well-groomed, if dirty, was next to nothing.

But I would like feedback about the breed from anyone who has experience with them. What was your experience? What do they need? What would you recommend to someone who was considering adopting one?


  1. I grew up with show dogs as a child, mostly terriers. My father at one point rented an attic apt from a woman who specialied in yorkies and Lhasa apsas. They bark. Alot. And I mean ALOT. If you can handle the possibility of a dog that barks (even cutely) incessently, I would move on. Some yorkies may not bark. But I believe it's inherent in the breed if I remember correctly.

  2. If it is bigger than you thought it would be it might be a silky terrier or another breed. There are several breeds that look like yorkies but aren't. A good place to check out their breed characteristics would be to go to the great google and type in Yorkshire Terrier. You'll find some breed specific web pages that will give you plenty of information. My grandparents had 5 yorkies (not all at one time) and they were wonderful little dogs. I think alot of the barking depends on the training of the dog, if you can let the dog know that barking isn't an acceptable way to get what he/she wants, then it may not be a problem. With the terrier group you always have to remember that these little dogs were actually bred to hunt and kill wild animals (JRT's were bred to kill badgers and groundhogs, etc.) so they aren't your standard "lap dog". Yorkies can be wonderful pets and very loyal companions. I'd suggest that Brian do some searching online of different types of dog breeds and then think about that type of dog at a shelter. Another great thing would be a mix. They sometimes are calmer and sturdier health wise than purebreds which tend to have more health problems. Okay, I've gone on long enough. email me if you want more info. (I used to work for the UKC).

  3. I just went and looked at the doggie pictures. The shelter web site does identify it as a Yorkie, but I do think it looks more like a Silky Terrier.

    So I guess I am seeking opinions on those.


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