Sunday, January 07, 2007

Doggie gone home

So Brian was not sure that this was the doggie for him. DCS is a nice dog, he said. He likes him. It's just that he is just a little bit to heavy (25 lbs) to carry around. Pick up, sure, carry around, no. He asked if we could go back to the shelter in The City and turn in his request form for a male lap dog. For various reasons, it looked it was going to be more difficult than we originally anticipated to find the exact dog he wanted there.

He was crushed, which is when I realized he really wasn't bonding to DCS.

We got home and DCS did not want to come out of his crate. He did not want to eat. He just seemed so sad.

So we took the dog back to the dog rescue woman. Like I said, the dog did not want to come out of his crate, until he saw the leash. He was quite happy to be home again, and then seemed to think he was going to leave with us when we went. I am sure the dog would have got over his homesickness and bonding to Brian if Brian had been wanting to bond with him.

I am sad. I liked this dog, but the dog wasn't for me, and if what Brian really wants is a dog he can carry around, then he will need to keep looking. Part of me is hoping that Brian decides he misses DCS and wants him back. sigh.


  1. that is tough but probably the right thing for the long run.

  2. Aww..well, maybe Brian will change his mind. If not, I guess it is important to make sure he gets exactly what he wants from the dog.


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