Friday, January 12, 2007

A strange morning

6:40 -- leave to pick up Miss E and take to school.
7:00 -- come home, start to read email and blogs, be told by hubby that his car is not working
7:30 -8:00 -- drive Andrew, Brian, and Hubby to school.
8:00-8:10 -- eat breakfast
8:10-8:20 - pick up Miss E at high school and drive to Dr's office
8:30-9:00 -- talk to distraught mom on PFLAG cell phone
9:00 -- go pick up Brian from school because he threw up again.
9:10 -- make u-turn to go pick up Miss E from doctor after she calls on cell phone, drop her off at high school, and come home.
9:20 -- try to work.

It's not happening. I don't know why. I have a bunch of partial blog posts none of which I seem to be able to finish. I have papers to grade, but it looks like half of the class must have dropped them off at my office instead of submitting them on-line but it is COLD outside and I don't want to leave the house AGAIN to go get them. These are really short papers and I don't normally assign grades until I can do a quick read through all of them to get a sense of whether most people understood the assignment.

I'm just feeling restless and unfocused.

And I think I am going to click publish, but I don't know why. Why would anyone out there find this the least bit interesting to read?

Okay...I am ready for them to call me about a kid. I'm bored.

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  1. Just being devil's advocate ( ;) ) and I *know* you're not this way, but do you really see foster children as a distraction? Not to put altruistic intentions upon you, but aren't you really doing it for a higher reason than to just be entertained/not bored? What do you think Madonna's obnoxious comments about adopting orphans? Do you think she is doing this for publicity and/or entertainment reasons? How much is altrusitic and how much is to boost self-esteem?


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