Thursday, January 11, 2007

Too quick to say "yes"

Miss E called me yesterday afternoon to ask me if I would take her to her physician appointment Friday morning. Something or other is wrong with her toe. I said, "sure." I mean, I don't have classes, and my office, her school, and the doctors office are all within a mile of each other.

Then this morning I thought I should check in with her social worker and mom. Their response? "Appointment? What appointment?"

Bad Yondalla!

Actually, they are not angry with me, and I did say I would only take her if they give her permission to leave school for this. There is also the problem, which has happened before, of Miss E forgetting that the doctor won't see her without a responsible adult signing her in.


Next on Miss E


  1. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Offically delurking. Got addicted a few months ago, I'm totally digging reading about foster care esp for GLTBI youths.

  2. Delurking - sorry I haven't been around more lately.

    I have been reading though.


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