Sunday, January 21, 2007

"PFLAG Foster Mom" and other names

I can worry about the stupidest things. I mean really, really trivial.

We are about to have two boys over for a week of respite. Exactly when, and how long, they will be here is a little up in the air as it depends upon the birth of a baby and how long the mother needs her mother around afterwards. The baby is due in three weeks, so it probably won't be this week, but it will happen soon.

So what am I worried about? The fact that Brian is occupying two bedrooms and neither ready for guests? Not really. I figure we can fix that quickly. How about the fact that our Christmas decorations are STILL UP. Nope. That just makes us fun and quirky.

No, I am worried about their BLOG NAMES. See, I am up to "F" for boys names. If I give them and F and a G name (say "Frank" and "Greg") then when the new kid gets here I will be on "H" and I don't know that I want to use "Harry" or "Henry" for a kid for years. I have already begun to think of the new kid as Frankie/Francisco or Olivia (on the off chance that the give me a girl).

So there are options:
1. Get over it. Just keep giving the boys names as they come.
2. Save "f" for the next permanent placement and call these boys "Greg" and "Henry." The girl name list is already out of temporal order. "Ann" was the first kid I wrote about, but not the first girl in the house. I remembered some earlier girls after giving later girls names.
3. Decide that it is not a "girl list" and a "boy list." Maybe it is a respite list and a permanent placement list. It just happens that the respites have been girls and the permanents boys. In fact I think I did have that one respite boy, whom I refused to give a real name to, on the "girls" list. That would mean that these boys would be what... "Orville" and "Paul" or "Owen" and "Peter." Then the new kid could be Frankie either way.

Periodically I think about changing the name of the blog -- not the url. All the links would still work. I want people who are looking for foster care blogs to be able to find me, and I don't use the words "foster care" very often in titles. So I think about calling it "Thoughts from a PFLAG Foster Mom." I can't think of a name I like that actually has "Foster Care" in the title.

I mean really...can there BE more trivial things to obsess about?

Probably. If there are, I'm sure to find them.

And if anyone has any comments on my excessively trivial obsessions, they are invited to leave them.


  1. You're funny. I never noticed the alphabetical blog nicknames before. It's the same method they use for naming hurricanes. :-)

  2. Stop obsessing. Blogging is supposed to be fun.

  3. Isn't it odd how a crisis can be no big deal but something like this can cause turmoil.

    Me too. The closest I ever came to serious trouble in my sobriety was over a broken fingernail. I sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by packing boxes and cried. Go figure.


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