Thursday, January 25, 2007

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

So Brian has been having a hard time of it lately. Hubby took the day off from work and they planned on a quiet day together. They would drive into The City, take Puppy to get groomed, piddle around, do an errand, generally have a nice day together.

So they went to lunch at the golden arches, because Mom wasn't around to protest, and dropped the puppy off. Hubby asked Brian what he would like to do. They decided to go to a mega sports store. Brian saw old fashioned-style roller skates and thought they looked cool. He put them on and practiced in the aisle.

And then he fell.

Brian cried out that his arm hurt. Hubby said, "I know, I know. Just sit up slowly."

And then an off-duty fire fighter came up and said, "No. don't move him!" I wasn't there so I cannot give you the story in the detail I would like. All I have is their version which is very slim on the details so important to a good story. Anyway, the fire fighter tells the store to call 911. Somehow the fire fighter knows that the ambulance is far away and so he calls his buddies at the fire station and the next thing you know, Brian is surrounded by half a dozen fire fighters. (Carl, David and Evan are going to be SOO jealous). They get him on a back board and take him to the hospital in the ambulance.

Hubby follows the ambulance, and calls me on my cell phone. The cell phone however is in my office and I am in a classroom. When I get back after my class I see three calls from Hubby. I call him and he tells me that Brian is getting X-rayed and can I drive to The City to get the dog out from the groomers.

Did you remember about the dog at the groomers?

I got the dog. I did not have a crate and Hubby had taken the leash and collar. It is really amazing how helpful people are when you say, "I'm sorry. I don't have his collar. It's with my husband and son in the emergency room." They loaned me a leash.

I walked into the emergency room with a very well-groomed, adorable Shih Tzu puppy and explained why I was there. Surprisingly (to me anyway) they were fine with me bringing the puppy into the ER.

Brian has a lot of pain in his wrist and elbow and tail bone. X-rays did not reveal any fractures, but the doctor said that his pain is in places where it would be difficult to see. So they splinted his arm and he has to have it re-checked in a week.

I held his hand and started chuckling.


"I'm just you wish you had just gone to school today?"



  1. Wow!
    I mean...
    I would like to fall down and be surrounded by cute firefighters but I guess Brian doesn't see it that way!

    Hope his arm feels better soon.
    I fell on mine this week and it is a lot better, didn't hurt much and know I have a really cool, dramatic looking bruise to show for it.

    PS glad to hear the dog treats are helping.

  2. I'm sorry he fell and glad that nothing was hurt but d@mn! That was my birthday wish. Well minus the hurting and the hospital. You're right. The guys will be VERY jealous.

    Poor guy has had a very rough week. I hope the weekend is better.

  3. Zowie! Sounds like not much fun. I'm sorry for your troubles.

  4. OK -- Congrads to the husband - because yes - I had completely forgotten that the pup was at the groomers - LOL. Wow - poor kid -- but what a great story it will make when he returns to school.

  5. Ow! Poor Brian! But don't you wish you had been there instead of your husband?? ;)

  6. The ambulance adds an element of excitement that no mom wants. Could have lived without it myself this last week, and eight months ago.


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