Sunday, January 21, 2007

We got to meet the boys

After extensive debate and meeting them, I decide to call the boys "Peter" and "Paul."

They just came over for a visit. Peter is 15 and Paul is 16. They are 349 days apart which means they are the same age for one week every year. They are both in the same grade (10th). It is good, I am told, to have a brother in the same grade because you have a lot of the same classes and so you also always have someone to help you study. Peter has been living there "for a while" and that Paul moved in just a few weeks ago. They love video games, and have no problems at all using the bunk bed. They're big boys though, and the bed squeaks. We may give them the option of removing the bed and just putting the mattresses on the floor.

They thought the rec room was amazing. I forget that most houses don't have old finished basements with big rooms for kids to fill with junk. There is our old dining room table (seats 6 comfortably) around which Andrew and his friends play D&D. There is an old sofa on the other side with all the gaming equipment the boys have collected over the years, and there is a desk with a computer in a corner. The computer has an external wireless adapter that kids can check out when they want, and get permission, to be on the Internet. In general, the room is a 15-year-old boy's idea of heaven.

Their mother is planning on being gone a week. She is hoping to be able to give me at least a week's notice. She has only been doing care for a couple of years. There was a really comfortable affection between her and the boys. They seem like very nice boys, and kids on respite are always on their best behavior -- at least they always have been for me. I'm looking forward to having them visit. For a week we will not be out numbered by the pets.

Now we just have to get all of Brian's stuff out of that room. Most of it he says he doesn't want anymore. He wants to have a yard sale and sell it all. Now where will I put it until it gets warm enough for a yard sale?


  1. just because i can, do you think mary will stop by before they leave? if so, have them sing a song in my hohor! cayhy

  2. that would be honor, in my honor


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