Saturday, January 13, 2007

Puppy visit went well

Well, I feel sort of silly posting about the puppy visit, but I actually get more comments on that than anything else I have to write recently so here's an update.

The puppy is darling, of course: ginger with dark tips. Her owner has only trimmed her fur around her eyes so it is currently about four inches long. She has a real "teddy bear" look to her. If we keep her she will get her fur cut off and kept off. I'll have to take photos of her now though. This walking dust mop is pretty cute. And she is not a barker, which I really like. I could not live with a yappy dog.

The park visit went okay, so they came home. At home the dogs are working things out. CD wants to be boss, and I think puppy is mostly okay about that. Puppy does not try to take the chewies, unless CD is out of the room, and then she takes one under the sofa. CD can't get her whole head under the sofa, much less her body, so she stands outside the sofa waiting. Puppy is a good waiter though and eventually CD gets distracted and Puppy ends up on some one's lap. Of course there are now several chewies way under the sofa. I think I may need to find some chew toys for CD that are too big or heavy for puppy to drag around. That should not be too difficult. It is frustrating for CD because she wants to be the boss and she is not allowed on the furniture and the little furball is.

Pup is not housebroken. I am making Brian take her out often and we had to successful outside eliminations, and one puddle in the hallway. I have a crate, and we have started using it. Puppy accepts it fine and CD has decided that she likes puppy in the crate too. So we will be be crate-training and puppy won't be allowed the run of the house until she proves herself trustworthy, which may be a while.

So it sounds like we are keeping her, huh? It looks like it.

The puppy was an impulse buy of the adult daughter of one of hubby's colleagues. Adult daughter's husband was laid off and they were told that they were not allowed pets in their apartment. So for a while now, puppy has been living on the colleague's screened porch. Good thing the dog was bred to live in Tibet because it has been cold recently. Unfortunately, this means that house training will be challenging. If puppy hated the crate, I don't think I would give it a try.

Anyway, Hubby has to talk to the adult daughter about the puppy tomorrow.

Brian likes the dog, and I am attached to the breed, which means that if Brian does loose interest I won't be resentful.

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