Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The dog news

The last post on the doggie quest may have been a bit cryptic, so allow me to be blunt: the b*tch bit me.

I am actually angry at the people who originally bought her. They got her without checking the pet policy where they rent. So far they are just being impulsive and thoughtless. However, after they realize they can't keep her they don't do what they have to do to re-home her quickly. Instead they leave her in someone's screened porch while they attempt to find someone who will pay them what they paid the breeder.

What they don't realize or don't care is that every day the dog spends on that porch the further she gets from being house trained and socialized. We got a lead on another older puppy and we called about it and it was almost the same story -- they have to move and can't take him with them, so the dog is on a tie-out in someone's yard.

After some discussion we broke down and got a puppy. We were able to get a slightly older one (11 weeks) because the people who bought it from the breeder had a similar story, but this time they were working with the sort of good breeder who vastly prefers for the dog to come back to her than to be left in a porch or tied out in a yard.

Anyway, he's a Shih Tzu, adorable, and even CD likes him. I started up the pet blog again so those of you who want to laugh at my attempts to house train the little fur ball can read and mock, and those of you who find reading about someone else's pets as boring as I would, need never hear about it again.

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