Friday, January 12, 2007

Responding to Aidel

Aidel Maidel says:

Just being devil's advocate ( ;) ) and I *know* you're not this way, but do you really see foster children as a distraction? Not to put altruistic intentions upon you, but aren't you really doing it for a higher reason than to just be entertained/not bored?What do you think Madonna's obnoxious comments about adopting orphans? Do you think she is doing this for publicity and/or entertainment reasons? How much is altrusitic and how much is to boost self-esteem?

I don't know which comments you mean, as I have managed to ignore Madonna fairly well.

And you're correct, when I said that I was ready to be called because I was bored I did not mean that in a "I need to be entertained" sort of way. Almost the opposite.

It's like this: there's this job that I do that is really rewarding and exhausting. I got time off, which at first was such a relief. It felt like there was more air. I was tired and it was good to rest. I was anxious and curious about who was coming next into our lives, but if I asked myself if I really wanted to phone to ring today the answer was "no. I'm still resting." But that is beginning to change. I was tired; I got rested; and I am beginning to feel restless. I'm bored with vacation; I'm bored with entertainment. I'm ready to get back to work.

Sorry, I have no comments about Madonna. I have feelings about forgein adoption, but nothing that I can articulate without nearly getting into a fight with myself.

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