Saturday, January 13, 2007

Puppy Visit

Hubby, Brian and Cattle Dog are off to visit the female Lhasa Apso puppy. They are going to introduce the two dogs in a neutral location, like a park, to see if they will consider tolerating each other. The puppy is just six months, so that will help. On the other hand, females of both breeds have a reputation for being intolerant of other females, so we will see.

I told Andrew that I was not going for the first meeting. "I'm just too anxious about the whole thing -- worried about whether it will work, whether it right, what we should do. I don't want a puppy, and I'm disturbed this one is being kept on a porch when it is so cold. CD is so sensitive, my anxiety might affect they way everything goes."

Andrew grinned at me and said, "Ya think?"

So I'm staying home.


  1. We have three dogs -- our first dog is a Border Collie, so I know well the whole "alpha female" end of things. Our other two dogs are also female, though, and they all get along quite well. In fact, the BC is very protective of the others and they both automatically knew she was the "top" dog when they arrived.

    The funny thing is the three dogs have similar personalities to three of our children. We laugh at the comparisons sometimes -- they all do the same things!

    You all are giving this plenty of thought, consideration, research, and time. The decision will be right for all of you when it is made.

    Good luck!

  2. Alice-Anne9:22 PM

    I have to admit I am stuck on the dog saga you have going here. Can't wait to find out what Brain will decide. Lhasa's are usually good little dogs.


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