Sunday, June 10, 2007

Road Rage

Evan came home to tell me a rather dramatic story where he got very angry at another driver. A teenager came to a full stop before in the lane before making a left hand turn in a time and place where it was unnecessary. Evan, who will agree that maybe part of the problem was that he was driving too closely and quickly, slammed on his breaks and had to drive onto the shoulder to avoid a collision.

I won't embarrass him by telling you just what he did, but I will tell you that it did not come to blows.

He was bothered by his reaction. He did feel that he was justified because the other driver's behavior was so unsafe, but did not like that he was so out of his own control.

We talked about how he tends to use his physical size to intimidate and how he looses that when driving his little car, but we agreed that still wasn't all of it. He thinks even if he were driving a muscle truck he would still get outraged. Why does he feel that way? Why does he get so very angry.

"Evan, do you think it could have anything to do with your cousin dying in a car accident?"

"Yeah. It probably does."

Some triggers are easier to figure out than others.

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