Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well, I searched their stuff. There is no hair spray or aerosols of any kind.

Teenage girls don't really use hair spray, do they? I mean, not on their hair. The boys just use gels.

I guess they just buy them for huffing.

I'm really tempted to think that I don't have the huffing girls. Mandy gets a range and she always gives me the "good" ones.

These girls are the youngest-seeming of any respite kid I've ever had. They giggle, watch kiddie movies. The brought their Care Bears, for criminy sake's. (I had to take one away from the dog who was cuddling with it. It's slightly damp, but not damaged.)

I'll put away the evil substances (thanks Becky) and then not worry about it.


  1. I hope you got the "good ones"!! Huffing scares me.

  2. Callie uses hair spray! She is biracial and she finds it works best at keeping her hair smooth. I see her use it every day so I hope she is not huffing it!!

  3. Huffing is scary. But if they are animated and giggling, they probably aren't huffing. IME, huffing makes kids get dazed out, and it is hard to hide.

    I hope that is the case with these girls.


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