Thursday, June 28, 2007

I don't think she's an axe murderer

I'm pretty aggressive about teaching my kids about privacy on the Internet. I'm on their friend's list in My*Space. They both have fake names and no other identifying information.

I've told them again and again, that even if you think you are getting to know someone really well, you can't be certain they are telling you the truth. "Never give our address or phone number to anyone."

So there were understandably shocked when I told them that blogging friend would be stopping by here on her way to visit family. Well, shocked might not be the right word, but there is nothing kids like better than being able to "catch" their parents breaking their own rules.

"At our house?"

"Well, yes. I was going to meet her in Other City, but it turns out that it would be easier for her just to drop by here. We'll have a cook-out, we'll have a great time."

"You gave our address to someone you met over the Internet?"

"Um...well, yeah. But she blogs too and we have been emailing for almost a year and half and we've talked on the phone. I trust her."

"But what if she is an axe murderer or something?"

"Well, I really don't think she would set up a blog, write fictious things about herself for eighteen months so that she could drive something like 1000 miles so that she can murder us in our back yard."

But I think I did blush just a bit. I mean I really have told them to never, ever do that. I'm not sure how long it will be before they stop teasing me about this.

But I can take it. It will be the first time that I have been able to meet any of folks that live in my computer. I'm looking forward to it.

Unless, of course, she turns out to be an axe murderer.


  1. I think if she was an axe murderer she would have already like killed her kids and be in prison, I wouldn't worry too much.
    There is a great conversation going on in Feminist Mormon Housewives on Gay Rights if you have any interest...

  2. I think it will be cool, and there are some bloggers I would be happy to meet up with too - but I can see why the kids would think it was freaky!

  3. I don't know if I'll ever be able to convince my daughter you shouldn't meet people from the Internet -- her best friend since toddlerhood is the child of a friend I originally met online!

  4. I've met a couple of blog buddies now and it has been great. Neither of them even had an ax!

  5. Have fun hanging out with your blogger buddy!! I am sure all of you will have a great time:-)

  6. Oooh, have fun. And I think I know who it might be... but I could be wrong.

    I've actually met three of my blogging buddies and they were awesome. The only downside is it makes me want to live closer to them.

  7. This sort of reminds me of the dilemma about telling kids about one's own past (or present, I guess) recreational drug use. This issue is not only "the big scary internet" (or pot, etc) but the maturity and judgement that comes with age to use a potentially dangerous substance safely. Or the dumb luck to have gotten through risky things as a youth. Of course pointing this out to kids would just add more outrage, I guess!
    Have a fantastic visit!

  8. I'm jealous of who ever it is that is visiting. I hope it is fun.

    My parents always handled situations that were "Do as I say not as I do." with "You can chose to do this when you are 18 and living on your own." Little did they know we all kept a list.

  9. My bestest friend is someone I "met" online. I visited her last fall and she's now living (yes, living) with us for a few months. This weekend, she's meeting her soul mate (also connected via the world wide web) for the first time face to face. Technology is very exciting!


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