Sunday, June 03, 2007

A blast from the past

Faye called. I don't think I have heard from her for two years. It really must be at least that long; she never met Evan. She was arranging her own respite care; she wants to know if she can stay here from the 11th to the 24th of this month. I told her it was okay with me if it was okay with her FM and social worker.

Last I knew her older sister had got licensed just so they could be together. I saw them together at an event. They looked happy. I was happy for Faye.

When Faye first came here she was angry. She had moved into Mandy's less than a week before and she was not happy about being in respite before she had had a chance to settle. That first weekend she did little more than sulk. But she came back and gradually became one of our favorites. She did well at Mandy's and, like just about all the girls who do well there, got tired of all the drama from the other girls. So she moved to another home and then to her sister's.

And now she has moved again. She turns 18 in August. She seemed to take it for granted that she would be leaving care then. I told her that she did not have to, that the agency will give her full support until she is done with high school. She seemed surprised.

I was just able to talk to her social worker. She hopes the sister will work it out by the end of summer and that Faye will move back. It's her only real hope for staying in care until she graduates.

But, in any case, she will be spending a couple of weeks with us. I am looking forward to seeing her again.


  1. That was very interesting reading about all your different kids; I hadn't realized you had so many girls!

  2. It is so nice knowing that YOU made an impact on the children. We always hope that there is or was enough of us in their hearts that if they ever are faced with a turn adn run or duke it out. they see us.


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