Saturday, June 23, 2007

Driving Lessons for Andrew Part 2

The tire store actually honored the guarantee -- at least in part. They asked what happened. I told them the truth. They took off 50% of the price of the original tire, which was close to 40% of the cost of the new. So not too bad.

Lesson 3
I took the car and Andrew to the big empty parking lot at the college. I do mean big here -- it used to be three blocks of houses. He just drove around for a while. He practiced pulling in and out of parking spaces. After nearly an hour of driving in the lot I had him drive from one end to the other weaving between the light poles. He did it fine -- so I told him to do it going backwards. "Seriously?" "Yep. You can go as slowly as you want."

He did it.

Then I had him drive us home. On the actual roads. Okay, so we snaked through the neighborhood roads at 15 miles an hour, but they were real roads and we did see a few other cars.


  1. this is so weird to me.. Here you are only allowed to drive with an instruccut in a double car (with opedals both sides. The idea to learn to drive in my own car with mum or dad seems insane. (It woudl have been way cheaper) I am currently going for a lisence again If I pass the test at once it will cost around 1200 dollars..

  2. All I can say is good luck to you. I tried to teach FosterEema to drive several years ago and just didn't have the nerve.

    After being frightened to death, we hired a driving instructor. My fingernail marks are still in the dashboard of my truck.


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