Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Respite Girls

Mandy just dropped off two girls. Originally she said that Olivia would be coming, who is her actual niece. She got permission though to take Olivia with her, out of state, so I have two girls whom I have never met before.

So they need blog names. I'm up to Q. There are not a lot of good "Q" names though. I refuse to call a girl "Queenie." So Quiana it is, I guess. I'll call the other one Rhonda. (Quiana is the one with lighter hair; just so you know....actually just so I'll remember).

When Mandy dropped them off she told them that she only brings me the best girls, so they have to be good. Mandy, as I have mentioned before, works for a different private program, one that specializes in kids with behavioral issues, although sometimes she gets girls only because she takes teenage girls and not a lot of people do.

Still, the rules require me to babysit them. They are not allowed to leave the property alone. One has a boyfriend who may visit for a couple of hours, but they have to stay in line of sight. Limited phone calls. All that.

In any case I find I am glad that there are two of them. Hopefully they will entertain each other and not puppy-dog me very much.

I'm just a teensy bit tired after Faye's visit.

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