Thursday, June 14, 2007

Drama update.

Even though I gave you the abbreviated version I still got the details wrong. The crucial wrongness was that Faye was not present when the scary things were being said by the scary people.

So Faye is being given different versions of what happened and some people in her life, including the boyfriend, are making believing their version a loyalty test.

So I have been doing a lot of listening and hand holding. Boyfriend is not allowed in the house and Faye is not allowed off the property with the boyfriend, so they are meeting in our back yard. Everyone, including the social worker, feels safe with this compromise. It is certainly better than her feeling tempted to lie, sneak off, and end up in a dangerous situation.

Sigh. I would tell you about all the drama of the last 24 hours but it would be inappropriate. Let's just say that at the moment I can't imagine why I'm committed to teenagers.

I think I will foster kittens.

You can keep them in boxes, right?


  1. Not only can you keep kittens in a box, you can also put them outside in a cage if they are a real pain in the tush.

  2. Kittens have really, really sharp claws.

    I had a foster horse once. That was really nice.


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