Thursday, June 14, 2007

Conversation with Brian and Possibilities

Me: "So Brian. You know the licensing working talked the other day about there being a lot of new kids coming in this summer. We might finally get one."

Brian: "Okay."

Me: "I want to talk to you again about the age. The agency doesn't usually get any kids in younger than you. So the kid will almost certainly be older. It is possible though that the next one will be younger than you. When you are sixteen or seventeen we might be able to get a kid who is fourteen or fifteen."

Brian: "But I wanted a younger brother who was a lot younger than me, a baby or a little kid."

Me: "That just isn't going to happen."

Brian: "Why can't we get a little kid?"

Me: "Brian, I know that I kept saying no to a puppy and you kept asking and finally I gave in, but this is not the same. I am not getting you a six-year-old."

Brian pouts. "I just really want to be a big brother."

Me: "There are other ways to spend time with little kids...I know, I know, it isn't the same and you would be a great big brother. I am just not going to do it."

Brian: "I really want to be a big brother."

Hubby: "You have a puppy. That's it."

I know it must seem confusing to him. Why is it that we would be willing to keep "getting" teenagers but not be willing to get a little kid? Just one?

Because I am not going back. Ever.

Brian has always been my youngest and has always been the youngest child I want in the house. I wonder if I will want to stop doing care once he has moved out. Every time he has moved out of a stage of development I feel so finished with that age. Been there, done that.

On the other hand I have a great attachment to kids on the cusp of adulthood. I like them, so maybe I will keep taking them.

Although if the excitement in Faye's life doesn't calm down I'm not certain about even that.


  1. I don't know how Scouts works down your way but in Guides, girls can volunteer as "unit helpers" in younger units. Maybe you could check out whether the Scouts have something like that, and that would give Brian an alternative to actually being a big brother.

  2. yeah - whatever!

    You have the disease! You'll keep taking those big kids.



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