Friday, June 22, 2007


Andrew has a girlfriend.

He is right now reading the driver's manual. He wants me to take him to the DMV to take his written test so that he can get his permit and then start teaching him to drive. He will be 18 this fall and this is the first time he has really shown any interest in driving. At least enough to do anything about it.

Anyone think there's a connection?


  1. No connection at all. Not one. Nope!

  2. "Andrew has a girlfriend.

    He is right now reading the driver's manual."

    Funny juxtaposition of sentences. She must be an expensive model to have come with her own manual! How helpful! hehe

  3. Oh dear...

    the manual to for driving cars, not girls!

  4. LOL That is so funny. I never thought of the backseat of my car and my highschool girlfriends but even I can see the connection. Now if society could connect good schoolwork and keeping your room neat with attracting girls, parenting would be so much easier.

  5. I know this will get me into trouble but ....

    Aren't they all expensive models?

  6. Well of course, but even so, have you ever heard of one that comes with it's own manual?

    Motivation is a good thing.


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